Pick 3 Acts For Each Ring

Take a moment and look at your task list for today. Pretty overwhelming huh? In the application of the theory to write everything down, we have created lists that we actually DON'T want to look at because they are so depressing.

Try something different today. Use the big list as your master task list. Draw the 3 rings we discuss in our book, and within each ring, list 3 tasks, that if accomplished, would be of the greatest impact on accomplishing your highest priorities. That's 3 things for you at work, 3 for your relationships, and 3 for your own personal well being or "self."

Now build your day around these tasks instead of trying to check off a list of 45 things. As you accomplish the 3 for any ring, go back to that master task list and get 3 more.

You'll be amazed at the sense of accomplishment and clarity you have instead of trying to be the ringmaster of more acts than you care to count... that's called "Juggling Elephants!"

Jones LoflinComment