Time Management and A Planned Lineup

One of the arguments we sometimes hear from individuals is that planning a lineup doesn't work for them because they have too many interruptions. While we beg to differ, I had an experience last week that showed the true fallacy in their reasoning.

After spending time lining up the acts in my work ring, I had to take my father to a doctor's appointment. Nothing serious, just a simple quick visit-or so I thought. What was supposed to take an hour wound up taking over 4 hours-with multiple appointments, driving across town, etc. What helped me keep my sanity with this big change in my day was having my lineup planned out. In a spare moment I could review it and see if a quick phone call could be made or e mail sent. While driving, I could at least work on some of the tasks mentally, if not physically. When everything was over and I returned to the office things were a little hectic as I worked to get my acts done, but at least I didn't feel like the circus was running me.

Too many interruptions? All the more reason to have a plan, so you can get your acts together more quickly when the interruption is over.