After The Elephants Have Fallen On You

While cleaning off one of my desks I found an insightful article on beating stress from an old Reader's Digest. It's a good prescription for beginning the healing process after an elephant you were attempting to juggle has fallen on you. The list also gets you started on preventing them from falling on you again. They include:

  • Make time for yourself. Reserve part of a day each week for just you.
  • Develop a method to calm yourself. Meditate, breathe deeply or just closing your eyes for a few moments ( I have a special folder of music on my mp3 player for just such occasions).
  • Analyze what you love and hate about your work. Plan strategies to take care of the items you hate and celebrate what you love.
  • Settle for less than perfect. Set boundaries on work or other overwhelming tasks.
  • Take good care of yourself. You know what it means... eat healthy, exercise, sleep well, etc.
  • Cultivate a support network.
  • Set limits. Take time before saying yes to a new commitment-you will find that your responses are much more logical and less emotional.
  • Plan for the future. Take small steps to making things better professionally or personal

To reduce the likelihood that another elephant will soon fall on the people in your organization, click here.

Jones LoflinComment