Putting Your Needs Second In Your Lineup

After a keynote to an association annual meeting, I had someone talk with me about a situation they faced with a coworker. It seems that the coworker has this need to feel like they are in control of certain information-even though there is no legal or ethical reason to keep the information private. This person gets very frustrated when they try to get regular reports of these number because the person simply says, "If someone needs any of these numbers, tell them to come see me." Control indeed.

In the spirit of being a general manager I asked him if he had looked at it from their perspective and tried to determine ways to meet their need but still get the information. "She just wants to be in control and I don't want her to have control," he said. A critical mistake.

Being the "General Manager" often means that you put your needs second to those of others-so that the greater purpose can be realized. We have to ask, "What's the most important result we need to achieve in this situation?" If it's to have a report of the information, our pride or own desire for control may have to take a back seat. If it's to simply say, "I didn't give in," that has its own consequences as well.

As you look at the performers in your lineup today, how could you be a better "General Manager" and best meet their needs to insure a better total performance?


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