3 Quick Ways To Improve Your Work/Life Satisfaction

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Overwhelmed with our schedules and underwhelmed with our sense of accomplishment, we trudge through our days hoping one day things will get better. We rationalize our situation with lots of "When statements" like: 

  • When the kids are older...

  • When this work assignment is over...

  • When I have more time...

  • When _________________ (insert your own words here)...

Meanwhile, our situation grows more frustrating and drains any motivation we have for actually trying to make course corrections and improve our sense of well-being.

If you're ready to take greater control of your time and energy to accomplish more of the things that are important to you, here are 3 quick ways to give yourself a much needed "kick in the seat of the pants:"

Celebrate what IS getting done. Take the time to reflect on how you recently accomplished a difficult task at work. Think about others in your life who have benefited from your leadership, mentoring, or friendship. Use that positive mental energy to tackle some of your current work/life challenges. 

Determine what's RIGHT now. What are the resources you have available to you that may not be around later? Is it a strong relationship with someone who will support your new actions? Is this a less stressful time at work that will allow you to have more mental energy to think about how to improve your situation?

Tell someone you want something better for yourself. If you won't be your own cheerleader (see my first point), get someone else to encourage you to step outside your comfort zone. 

Small strides to improve your work/life satisfaction will pay off in big ways for you. Consider and work on these three quick ways to improve your life and then watch as progress begins to take place.

Jones LoflinComment