Our Holiday Wish For You

Thank You!!! That's all we can say to each of you who have purchased Juggling Elephants, told others about the book or purchased reminder items, keynotes or training programs from us. 2007 has been a fantastic year of growth for the message and it would never have been possible without you. You serve as a partner with us as we seek one goal-to help others get to those "more important things" more often at work and in life.

In keeping with the metaphor of the circus, here are our wishes for you on this holiday season:

  • We hope you get so caught up in the acts in your relationship or self ring that the work ring is forgotten for at least a few moments.
  • We hope you take time to thank the most important performers in your circus by giving them the most precious gift you have-your time.
  • We hope you take a moment to give yourself a BIG standing ovation for what you have accomplished in the past year. Too often we get caught up in our failures. Celebrate your successes-have your own mental circus parade of great acts performed in 2007.
  • And yes, we hope you begin planning your lineup for 2008 so that you aren't performing the juggling elephants routine anytime soon.

Again, our thanks to each of you. We look forward to a great 2008 with lots of new products and services to help you and your organization achieve greater success with less stress.

Jones LoflinComment