"OOFing" Their Way To Greater Results

The Pfizer corporation conducted internal studies to determine how much time their talent was losing to support tasks instead of focusing on higher level responsibilities. The results, to me, were interesting:

  • 20-40% of their work load was "support work" which could be outsourced to other individuals or groups.
  • No level of the organization was immune. From VPs to Directors to Managers, the amount of time lost each week was 5-15 hours.

Following the study, Pfizer decided to take action. They decided to enlist the services of groups that would complete these responsibilities and tasks at a much lower rate than those who were currently doing them. It's part of a program called "OOF" or Office Of the Future.

What about you? What are some tasks you are currently completing that would best be delegated to others so you could focus on "the bigger acts" that would make a more major impact on the success of your circus.

Read more about the Pfizer program at http://21cvision.blogspot.com/2008/01/pfizer-oof-office-of-future-program.html