The Value of Performing Your Act Well

Fast Company Magazine is a fantastic monthly publication that highlights today's hot business trends and looks at what might be on the horizon tomorrow. Robert Safian is the editor and his letter from the editor this month had a powerful thought. He is speaking about the success of Mike Rowe and his cable show, Dirty Jobs:

But Rowe's story also allows us to examine an underappreciated aspect of economic success: the genius of expertly executed craftmanship. It is the glue that cements ideas, on one end, and hard work, on the other, to fuel productivity. Either type of asset is squandered if inappropriately deployed. Execution is the great differentiator in our global economic competition.

What a great equation! Ideas + Great Execution + Hard Work = Productivity.

Reviewing the equation each day may help determine which one is lacking in my performance and what changes I need to make to get the standing ovations I want from others or myself.