Think Engagement Isn't Important?

In the past two years I have met more than one person who believes that "employee engagement" is highly overrated. If you are one of those people, consider the human resource services company, Kenexa. Their primary focus is to help employers and managers learn how to more fully engage their employees.

Sixty percent of the Fortune 100 companies utilize Kenexa's services. Their revenue has tripled since its IPO in 2005. They now have offices in 18 countries. Some of their findings include research that shows that companies with higher employee satisfaction have a 700% higher shareholder return than other companies.

Rudy Karsan, the CEO, best sums up the impact of their work when he says, "When you're in a job you enjoy and you're good at, you're not just a better worker. You're a better spouse, a better parent and a better citizen." In other words, when you help an employee get their work ring in good order, their whole circus improves.

What manager, supervisor or CEO wouldn't want to make that happen for those who report to them?