When People Take The Lineup Into Their Own Hands

Today I was boarding a flight and someone was in my assigned seat. When I inquired about their seat assignment they replied, "Oh, I didn't want to sit in my seat up front so I just took a different one. You can sit somewhere else." Having been through this before, I politely told them I wanted to take my assigned seat so it didn't cause problems when other people boarded the plane. They gave me a disgusted look but moved to a seat close by.

By the time the plane was ready for takeoff, this person had caused 4 other people to have to move to a different seat. It was literally a chain reaction with several people "miffed" at having to sit somewhere else. All because someone wanted to change their place in the "lineup" without thinking about it's impact on others.

The next time you plan on making a change in your lineup, think about how the change will affect those around you. If it's for the better, perfect. If not, and you want to maintain a positive relationship with the other performers, you might want to think again... or come up with a solution that works for them too.