A Little Bit Over A Long Time Is A BIG Deal!

Sam's Club has come up with a new milk jug that is stackable. I know, you want to yawn and say, "Big deal." Well, it actually is a significant improvement with a benefit to their bottom line.

The biggest challenge with conventional milk jugs is that they have to be transported in racks or crates on carts. These have to be washed after each shipment and take up space in the cargo area. Because the new jugs are stackable, you can get 400 additional jugs in a shipment. The milk is also filled in a way that reduces bacteria so it has a longer shelf life. The big win for Sam's Club... it eliminates 11,000 delivery trips to the stores.

What small change could you make today that could make a big difference over a period of a month or longer? It might just work for your bottom line too.

Jones LoflinchangeComment