The Power of Positivity

Grumpy. Complaining. Pessimist. Not adjectives you would use to describe a good ringmaster... but I bet you have been a lot more like that lately. And you know that it does have a big effect on the performers in your circus as well as your audience.

I recently received an e mail solicitation from the Applied Neuroscience Institute. Yes I know it sounds strange... think "deep research on positive mental attitude." They have a free "Positive Mind Test" you can take in a few seconds and you will get your results back via e mail in a couple of days. I was adventurous and decided to try it because I know the impact my "positivity" has on my motivation and ability to get things done.

The test results were, as the English would say, "spot on." It highlighted both my strengths and weaknesses-and gave a few simple tips on being more positive. I have used several of them this week to stay more focused with my mind.

I encourage you to take the test to better understand how your mental well being is affecting your ability to get your most important things done.

Here's the link to their site: You'll see where to click for the test once you navigate to their page.