Never Miss An Act In Your Circus

While having my car serviced the other day, I waded through the stack of magazines on the table, looking for something of interest. I found an issue of AARP magazine (yes, the one for retired peope) with an interesting article entitled, Never Get Sick! While I don't plan on being retired for at least two decades, I did see value in learning from those who have lived longer, healthier lives.The article gave 6 ways to increase your immunity and safeguard your health. The six given were:

  • Smile when you say that. Research suggests 15 minutes of laughter daily may help prevent a heart attack.
  • Bring up Bowser. Owning a pet has been shown to create lower cholesterol levels and improve recovery after heart attacks, even when exercise among both groups was the same. Even watching fish has been shown to reduce stress levels and the onset of Alzheimer's deterioration.
  • You snooze-you win. Restful sleep is a key component of a person's overall well-being.
  • Read a book. Keep your mind as sharp as possible.
  • Read a label. Pay attention to the labels on the food you eat. When eating, realize that different flavor categories stimulate different brain cells. The more cell areas stimulated in a meal, the more food you need to eat to feel full. (Article explained that's why you can be full of meat and potatoes but somehow still have room for dessert.)
  • Gaze at your navel. Practice tai chi, which improves flexibility and mood. Practice meditation. These are ways to improve your body's immune system.