Being The Ringmaster Of Your Wallet-Part 2

After posting the last blog, I felt compelled to offer some additional thoughts on matters of money management. Before you start thinking, "Oh what would he know?" please know that I do not consider myself an expert in any way. I have come to realize, however, that the greatest limiting factor to many people who want to live out their passion has been their poor financial choices. I meet at least one person per week who will say, "I always wanted to..." and when I ask why they didn't, the answer is usually related to some poor financial choice or a lack of financial planning.

When I got married, the greatest financial advice I got was "If both husband and wife are working, live on one income and put the other into savings." My wife and I didn't quite get that far, but we did always try to live as close as possible to one income. It became one of our guiding principles as we purchased a car, looked at buying a house and making other financial decisions. Today I look back and see that one piece of advice as being the key to having a great deal of financial freedom now.

If you're looking for some more qualified sources to help you get your "financial ring" in order, here are a few I have found helpful:

Clark Howard-His stated passion is to "Help you spend less, save more and avoid getting ripped off."

Dave Ramsey-Author of Total Money Makeover

Crown Financial Ministries-Offer free financial counseling

Natl Fdn. for Credit Counseling-Lots of helpful hints on managing debt and making wise financial choices.