Good Better or Best

I like the concept of "Good, Better or Best." The idea is that each day we have a lot of "good"choices or acts that we can perform. However, even though something is "good" we sometimes need to forgo those acts for something that is "better" or "best." As I look at how I spend my time I realize that I am busy doing good things but I can do a better job and raise the bar by trying to focus on better or best activities. A few examples:

Several years ago my young family went to Disney World. It was an expensive endeavor not to mention that the weather was hot and the lines were long. At the end of the trip we asked our kids what their favorite part of the trip was and they all agreed that it was the time that we all were together playing in the hotel swimming pool. It was good to be on a trip to Disney World, it was better to be together as a family and it was best when we were simply playing and interacting collectively. Sometimes simple can be best.

I love my cell phone. It is good that I can call someone almost anytime that I want and that I can be reached if I am needed. But sometime it is better if I don't have my cell phone on so that I am not interrupted when I am trying to focus on an important project or best if I don't derail family time with calls about work after hours that 9 out of 10 times could wait until tomorrow.

One more thought. Entertainment is a good thing. I enjoy going to movies, read, play an occasional video game, watch TV and surf the web. But sometime entertainment can get in the way of the better things in life and isn't worth the precious time that we give it-especially when taken to excess. It is important to me to evaluate what I do in my spare time. I am not saying that we should be robots continually working on a task list of meaningful purpose driven acts. What I am saying is that when we select entertainment we should make the best choices and apply some limitations so that we don't spend too much of our time doing things that don't contribute to what ultimately matters most to us.