Personal Strategic Planning

I recently did a Juggling Elephants training program where in the audience there were a group of strategic planners for the corporation. It was their job to work with executives to create the strategic blueprints for their business and measure the progress in accomplishing specific goals. They had tools and spreadsheets they used to lay out metrics, create milestones and measure movement.

As I was talking about purpose and setting goals one of these strategic planners raised his hand and said that he had created a spreadsheet that he uses for his Personal Strategic Planning. "There's an idea!," I thought. Why not create a "strategic plan" for your personal life? Lay out metrics, create milestones, gather feedback from your "customers" (significant others, co-workers, etc.) and measure advancement towards your personal goals and how you are aligned to your purpose. You could even graph it! What a great visual a personal strategic plan would be to see how well you are progressing towards achieving your dreams.