I Wanna Hold Your Hand

No, this post is not about the tune from the Beatles. It's about a quick stress reduction method you can quickly use when around your immediate family members.

According to a study by researchers at Brigham Young University (See USA Today, September 29), a supportive and caring touch like holding hands can lower stress hormones and blood pressure. Especially among men! The study involved couples, but the results were expected to be similar to other loved ones.

I accidentally affirmed their research this weekend. I was rushing around attempting too many acts in my circus when my 4 year old daughter took my hand while we were walking down the steps. I mentally, physically and emotionally came to a screeching halt. I could feel the tension leave my body. It was amazing! The next few moments were quite different.

This doesn't mean that the next time you feel a high level of stress that you should grab a co worker's hand-that could increase your stress even more. It does, however, give you a fast way to reduce your stress-and probably help you focus on your purpose a little more clearly.