A Clean Desk

We have talked a lot in the past about removing distractions when you are trying to focus on a project or an important task. It is helpful to remove distractions like the phone, email, email notification, cell phones, texting, instant messaging, etc.

But what about your desk? Is your desk one big distraction? It is easy to be distracted by memos, post it notes with reminders written on them, your inbox, your planner and your computer. When you need to focus on a task or project, consider clearing away and/or cleaning off your workspace. Remove all the distractions. Put them on the floor or behind you. Better yet, file everything away in an organized manner that enables you to regularly review these items when you determine to add them to your lineup. With uninterrupted focus on your most important projects, you accomplish more, the turnaround time is faster and you deliver higher quality work.