Keen Insight From A Program Participant

Here's an insight from a participant in a Juggling Elephants keynote that we thought was brilliant. It helps explain the value of focusing on purpose in ALL areas of your life:

I attended your recent Juggling Elephants keynote. It was absolutely fantastic! I've known that we all must have balanced lives. I've also known that we all have a purpose here. Without realizing it, I thought that I had to take care of all of the separate areas of my life IN SPITE of my purpose. In the discussion of 'Juggling Elephants' and reviewing the acts to make sure they contribute to the overall purpose of the circus, that's when I realized that all areas of my life are actually connected to my purpose. Truly a light bulb moment for me! It gives meaning to the thousands of daily details called life!!!
-Debbie Morrison, US Navy CNIC

Bravo, Debbie. You get a big standing ovation from us.