Delete and Delegate

In the spirit of keeping things simple, try just two ideas as you begin planning for next week.

1) Delete the unnecessary. Look at your list of "stuff" to do. What can be deleted? What projects are just not important and can be gotten rid of? Sometimes we brainstorm tasks that can be done and forget to ask the question, should they be done. Remember, there is no shortage of acts for your circus. You can't do it all. We have to pick, choose and prioritize.

2) Delegate. What can be given to someone else to do? Who has excess capacity that can help out? Who can you budget to pay to take care of some less than productive tasks that will free you up to accomplish more critical things? Delegate or die! Let others be part of your circus.

Focus on these 2 ideas next week and see what kind of a difference it makes in what you are able to accomplish. You might just find you are getting more standing ovations from yourself.