One For Those Who Have Children In Their Lineup

Carlos Slim Helu is one of the richest men in the world. To help you better understand his wealth, consider this: If you make a landline phone call in Mexico, 92% of the time the call will be carried over phone lines belonging to his company.

In an interview with Fortune Magazine, some of his charitable giving was highlighted and the passion for his children and grandchildren was obvious. The interviewer asked "Slim" about his philosophy on life and what guided some of these behaviors. His answer is something every parent (including me) needs to hear time and time again. He said, "Many people want to leave a better world for their children. I'm trying to leave better children for my world."

WOW!!!! While there is no doubt we need to be building a better tomorrow for the coming generations, I wonder what impact we could all have if those of us who are parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, neighbors, etc. focused on "building" better children. Ones who have the character, attitude and abilities to succeed in such an uncertain future. A better world indeed.