Litmus Test For Your Lineup

While boarding a plane last week I overheard two men talking about their "preferred status" with an airline. One guy said something like, "I really lost out last year. I was at 'platinum' level but my wife was expecting and I had to ground myself at the office for 3 weeks prior to the birth. Then, the baby came late and I had to stay grounded for another 3 weeks. Man, I missed out on so many miles and now am only a 'gold.'

I wonder if his comments would have been the same if his wife was standing with him? Somehow I doubt it. I kept waiting for him to say, "But the time with my wife and new baby was worth more than any miles I would have gained."

The incident got me to thinking... if you verbalized your reasoning for your lineup today with those audience members most important to you, would they be pleased? Or feel insignificant? If they wouldn't be cheering you on-do you need to change some of the acts in your lineup? Remember, you always gain something at the loss of something else-what's most important to you?