New Act For The Family Lineup

A study by found that 60% of children in families are "couponing." Faced with shrinking family budgets and the need to cut back, 78% of families surveyed indicated that they see saving and budgeting as an important life lesson.

Cutting back is rarely pleasant-and having to tell your children "no" is never easy. A more constructive approach may be to involve them in the process of saving money. As a parent we know the value of involving them in the solution versus just telling them about the plan.

I tried this approach with my 5 year old a few days ago. We had been talking about the need to save our money and make good choices. We then looked through the coupon section of the newspaper and found some of the items she liked and clipped those coupons. Later that week we went to the store and compared prices with the store brands. Good time in the relationship ring.

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