Identifying Toxic Performers In Your Circus

I came across a list of toxic personalities compiled by Brett Blumenthal of Sheer Balance. While the list is not closely based on any personality styles inventories, it does offer several opportunities to evaluate your personal style and how it impacts the creativity, cooperation and productivity of those around you. You can also use the list to have some interesting team or group discussions about the negative influence these personalities can have on the success of your team's performance-and how to deal with them.

Granted, you need some people to keep you grounded and insure that a choice is the right one. But as you will see, too much of one of these personalities or a day filled with several of them could have you running for the door!

Get the article to see the full list, their descriptions and their toxicity, but here's a sampling:

  • Manipulative Mary
  • Narcissistic Nancy
  • Judgmental Jims
  • Dream-Killer Keiths
  • Insincere Illissas
  • Disrespectful Dannys
  • Never Enought Nellies