We Were Wrong!!!

While exhibiting at ASTD (American Society of Training and Development) a gentleman stopped by our Juggling Elephants booth and inquired about our training. As I explained that the concept of "trying to get it all done is like juggling elephants-impossible" he immediately disagreed. "You can juggle elephants," he said. "Oh really?" I replied. "Sure you can," he affirmed, "If given enough time and resources I could come up with a way to juggle elephants. I could create a machine capable of doing it or invent some mechanism that would make it possible. So your premise is wrong."

My response? Simply this-Yes, you are right that if given enough time and resources you might be able to find a way to do it. BUT, what would you lose in the process? What would NOT get done while you were spending all your energy trying to figure it out? And would it be worth losing those things to be successful with this one task. His technical reply was, " I don't know." Aha!

Certainly any of us could put all our energy and resources into accomplishing that mountainous "to do list" at work day after day or achieve those seemingly impossible expectations of ourselves in other areas of our life. However, what would we lose in the process-our health? A healthy relationship with our spouse or children? Our sense of purpose and a sense of peace? Is it worth it? If that's your purpose, I guess it would be. If not... maybe there's a better way.

We think we have one in our book. I gave the gentleman at the show a copy. Let's see what he thinks.