Preventative Maintenance In Your Lineup

While rushing through the airport last week, a wheel on my roller board suitcase broke. I immediately looked like someone dragging a bag of rocks. I finally resorted to picking up the bag, which was not a pleasant experience either. In the midst of my frustration I heard a voice (inside my head) saying, "Weren't you thinking the other day about the need to do some maintenance on your suitcase-lube the wheels, repair some zippers, etc.?" But so many more important things to do-or so I thought. Now the repair and frustration costs me much more than doing some "preventative maintenance."

As you reflect on your planning for the next few days, what are some areas where you need to perform some preventative maintenance. Is there a relationship you need to nurture, some small task that you need to do at work before it mushrooms into a bigger task? What about that checkup you have been meaning to get to? Remember-if you are proactive you get to choose when it goes into your lineup. If you let it go-you are at the mercy of when the act is ready to scream (literally) into your lineup-possibly wrecking your day, week or even longer length of time.