The Elephants of Tomorrow

Yesterday we were meeting with attendees at the Training Trade Show in San Diego. It was fantastic to hear of training managers and others talk of how they are using Juggling Elephants. For some it was a book club, while others are doing their own training through our Train the Trainer program and still others have us booked for a keynote or live training program sometime this year. We always enjoy getting to know those who are sharing the message with others.

One of our favorite moments at a trade show is when someone who has not heard of Juggling Elephants says, "So what is Juggling Elephants?" We then simply say, "Do you ever feel like you have too much to do?" and the expression on their face says, "I get it now."

When talking with one attendee, we were explaining Module 6 of our training program-Continuous Improvement. He didn't see the value of focusing on such a concept in a program like ours. I simply said, "So, are you ready for the elephants of tomorrow?" He said, "No. I'm just trying to deal with the ones today." I replied, "Well, if you could do something small today or this week to prepare to deal with tomorrow's elephants, would that be of value?" His smile said it all.

Like others, too often I find myself so hyper focused on the elephants of today that I never give thought to the ones on the way. My circus seems to function better when I have at least one act that deals with an elephant coming in the future.

What could you do today to better prepare for the elephants coming your way? Remember-there are always more elephants on the way.