A Tip From The Literary World

While working on our next book, I came across a writing tip that offers insight for those struggling with too much to do. The tip is, Eliminate unnecessary words. Sounds simple enough, but in writing it is easy to add lots of words to make sure you get your point across in full detail. Unfortunately, in that desire to get the message across people can get lost in all the explanation or illustration.

The tie with time management is simply this-Eliminate unnecessary activities. Within your ability to control, take out as many things as you can that don't contribute to your purpose or help you accomplish what's really important to you.

The goal is to bring clarity to your day, focusing most sharply on those 4-5 things you can undertake that will make the biggest difference. Making a mile long to do list and then trying to pick out what is most important is like reading a book that's too "wordy." It's easy to get lost.