Slow Down

Sometimes to be more effective and productive you have to slow down. "Experts" recommend strategies like multitasking and systems that will allow you to do more stuff in a day. Yes, there are ideas that when implemented will make you more effective and efficient (we train on them all the time) but the notion of slowing down might be one that will help you the most.

Consider some of the benefits of slowing down:

  • Your thoughts and ideas are more deliberate and you are less scattered

  • You make fewer mistakes

  • You are present in the moment rather than doing one thing and thinking about 5 other things that you need to do next (multi-tasking is bad)

  • With your slower pace you are more strategic with what you are working on because you have to say "no" to the trivial and less important

  • By slowing down you will be less apt to burnout and ruining your health

Sure you might not get as much done in the day. But by slowing down, the quality of what you do accomplish will increase, you will feel better physically and mentally and you might even find some time to stop and smell the roses.