Finally! A Brave Ringmaster

We got this automated response to an e mail sent out last week:

Thank you for your message. Due to some upcoming deadlines and my current workload, I will only be checking E-mail and phone messages a couple times each day. If you need immediate assistance, please call ______________ at xxx-xxx-xxxx. They will know how to reach me.

Isn't that the most beautiful e mail you have ever read? Okay... I know we are bit over the top, but it is encouraging to see. It educates others as to when they can expect a response to their inquiry. It helps any people who are communicating with this person by e mail to plan their own lineup instead of waiting on an immediate response. It also shows someone taking control of their circus-and we ALWAYS get excited when we see that happening.

What could you do today to take more control of your circus-and get more of your important tasks accomplished?