The Focus Of The Performers In Your Circus

Where is the focus of the performers in your circus right now? For example, we are seeing report after report stating that the marketplace is full of disgruntled workers (some reports say as high as 50% of workers are not happy with their current employment). Employees that are saying to themselves, "When the economy turns around, I'm out of here! I'm going to get a better job and quit." With unemployment numbers remaining high and recovery looking like it is going to take awhile, maybe this is not such an immediate concern. Or is it? What is an unhappy employee's energy level like day in and day out while they are waiting for that new job? What is the commitment level? How is the quality of work?

Having "unhappy performers" in your circus is an immediate problem. How about the non-work related performers in your circus? Are there others that are saying, "When something better comes along, I am out of here!"Here is a quick and helpful exercise that might help you. Grab a blank sheet of paper and create a "Performers Review." Make three columns on the paper. In the first column list all of the relationships that are important to you-both at work and in your personal life. In the second column, rate the level of focus and commitment to your relationship with a scale of high, medium and low. In the third column consider what you can do to either recommit or address a "low" rating or, reinforce and reward a "high" rating of someone that is really making a difference in your relationship with them.

Once you have completed your review, take the actions that you have listed in the third column and incorporate them into your daily "line up." Remember, Every member is important and has to be fully engaged on the rights acts to make the team successful. – Juggling Elephants, page 76.