You Can Not Escape This Fact!

Recently a young man in suburban Chicago tried to escape during his trial, as he had seen done many times on television. While being led out of the courtroom, he burst free, ran across a walkway, and tried to leap through a window. But the bulletproof glass didn't break, and the man bounced off, landing on the floor where he was promptly rearrested, this time in worse trouble than ever.

In the same way you can not get away from the fact that time is limited. Failure to acknowledge that simple truth has been the result of more job frustration, strained relationships and failure to reach personal goals. And each day you try to "run away" from this reality you are placing all those things that are important to you in the prison of "I'll get to it tomorrow" or "someday."

For today, why not acknowledge that your time is limited and prioritize your day. Go so far as to do something that you have been putting off for a long time because you have kept saying, "I'll get to it." You might be surprised just how much "freedom" you experience.