Even A Good Decision Can Be A Bad One

Prior to the start of our training programs we frequently have a power point presentation of motivational or humorous quotes that rotate on the screen. Some are well-known (you miss 100 percent of the shots you never take-Wayne Gretzky) and some are more obscure (When you fall, pick something up-Oswald Avery).

The quote that often generates the most interest is the one, We make a decision and THEN we make it right. People will sometimes want to argue and say, "No, you make a right decision." Our comment to them is that the decision is just that-a decision-and it is by our planned course of action that we make it the right one-the one that is best for accomplishing our purpose. We can choose to start an exercise program (a decision) but then not support that decision with scheduled workouts or goals. The decision only becomes the right one when we focus our efforts to support and carry out the decision.

What are some decisions you need to make and THEN make them the right ones by aligning your "acts" and attitude to be successful with the decision? How would making them "right" affect your circus performance? There's another quote on our list that reminds us of the need to make the journey of right decisions... Character is the ability to carry out a worthy decision long after the emotion of making that choice is gone.