Noblesse Oblige

OK, I have heard the term "noblesse oblige" in the movie Mary Poppins but am embarrassed to admit that until recently I have not known what it meant. Noblesse Oblige means "noble obligation." In discovering the definition of nobles oblige, I was surprised at the thoughts that those two words together stirred in my mind and heart.

What is my noble obligation? If you just think about an obligation, your mind goes to simple things like appointments, paying taxes, stopping at stop signs and so forth. But you add the word "noble" and your thoughts are raised higher. What is my noble obligation to leave a legacy in life? What is my noble obligation as a husband and father? What is my noble obligation in my work? In relationships, to friends, to God, in doing right? These are deep questions that require deep thought. Have you defined your noble obligation? In Juggling Elephants, we call it your purpose. Others call it your mission statement, values, roles, goals, etc.

Commit to yourself to block out the "thick of thin things" and do some deep thinking about what your noblesse oblige is. Write it down. Make it a living document that you edit, adjust, add to and refine. Now if I could just figure out what "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" means, I will be good.