Formula For Creating The Juggling Elephants Routine

While reading the Game On! sports column in the USA Today last week, I found an interesting formula. Reid Cherner, one of the columnists, made the following statement: I don't know how many more boats the golf gods can send before [Tiger] Woods realizes he needs to climb in before he drowns. This is simple math. Family concerns + health concerns + poor play - Haney [swing coach] = time off. He needs to unplug, go acoustic and then reboot.

His comments got me to thinking... what is my formula that creates a juggling elephants scenario? What are the "perfect storm" of interruptions, life situations or poor choices that render me ineffective or unproductive? And how could I work to prevent them from adding up and "crushing" me. Tiger failed to take action on improving any of his situations and the results are obvious. While our challenges may not be as large or dire or even immoral, they still represent a dangerous mix when they start adding up-and we take no action. Especially if we take no intermission, to, as Cherner states, reboot.