Moving Forward Requires Falling

This weekend I was given an interesting quote by a very wise man. He said, Walking is a series of interrupted falls. While the words did not resonate with me at that moment, I have come to appreciate them as I deal with several people in my work and life right now.

To walk we must pick up our feet and shift our weight forward. Doing either one by itself could lead to falling, but the combination of the two actions (interrupting each other) makes it work.

We work with so many people who just won't "walk" toward improving their situation. They might have the vision (leaning forward) but not have the willingness to take the risk of action (lifting their foot). Others are taking lots of risks, but don't really have a clear vision of where they want to go-or too many directions in mind. Either scenario can lead to lots of falling-or failing.

Today, reflect on how well you put the two together. Are you looking ahead with purpose as your guide and then taking the appropriate actions, or are you at risk of "falling" because you are simply moving too quickly without really letting the weight of your purpose move you in the RIGHT direction.