Cut Out The Dreaming-Part 2

Last week I learned that Facebook recently hit another record of participants-500 million! They interviewed several people and asked them why they liked FB and the answers given were the typical ones-stay connected with friends, reconnect with old friends, etc. But one answer shook me. Someone responded, "If there were no FB, I would die." Granted, it was an emotionally charged statement that was probably not meant with the impact it had, but it still indicated (to me anyway) a less than healthy attitude toward this type of social media.

In the last post I mentioned my struggle with a writer's advice that you should cut out things you are not good at or which you can not excel. On the flip side, should you be so connected to something like FB that it consumes you and becomes a major source of your happiness and in an extreme case, your very existence.

Granted, I don't know the person making the comment. But I think she highlights the need for all of us to examine how we spend our time and what is a priority for us. FB is definitely an example of an act that can literally take over your circus... if you let it.