Positive Attitude When Eating an Elephant

I have been doing some focused reading lately about positive thinking and positive attitude. This might be due to the fact that recently it seems I have come in contact with so much negativity. I go to lunch with a friend looking for encouragement and get doom and gloom. The news continues to spread discouraging reports and the never ending broadcasts of "the sky is falling." Clients share their struggles with being asked to do "more with less."

I am a big fan of Napoleon Hill. I came across this quote from the Napoleon Hill Foundation and thought it tied in so well with Juggling Elephants with the emphasis on the importance of a positive attitude: Develop the habit of eliminating negative thoughts the moment they appear. Start small at first. When you first hear that inner voice that says, 'I can't do this,' put the thought out of your mind immediately. Instead, concentrate on the task itself. Break it down into manageable parts and complete them one at a time. When the job is finished, tell your doubting self: 'You were wrong. I could do it, and I did!'

Maybe we should add to the phrase, "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.", the words, "and with a positive attitude." You are going to do the task or tasks anyway. You might as well be positive about it and enjoy the moment...not to mention that those around you will appreciate a little silver lining.