Showing Long Term Gratitude

When at a meeting recently I had someone thank me for something I had done for them several years ago. They described the details as if it had just happened yesterday! I was literally amazed that they had carried those thoughts with them through the years.

The experience made me wonder how different my home and work environment would be if I looked at each of the "performers" in my circus with more of an "attitude of gratitude." Even if I didn't verbally recall to them what they had done for me (or my business), just reviewing it in my mind would improve the quality of the interaction with them.

One key need we all have is to be appreciated. To know that what we have done has value-and that value should not stop once our short term memory has forgotten what they did. Who is a performer in your circus that would benefit from knowing that something they did LONG ago is still remembered-and valued-by you?