The Phone Is For Me

It is important to be reminded on occasion that telephones/cell phones and email accounts are created as tools for you to use and that they also exist for your convenience. Just because the phone rings or the email pops up, doesn't mean that you have to respond, answer or read immediately. Subject lines and caller id are great tools to help you gauge whether or not you need to respond quickly (i.e. answer the phone or open the email). If you are doing something important or need to focus it is even better to turn off your phone and/or email completely.

You may have a job that requires you to answer and reply to calls and emails immediately. That is your job and you shouldn't ignore that responsibility. But more often than not, there are times when you should stay on task or give someone or something your undivided attention. Don't allow a call to interrupt your dinner with your family. Don't check email while you are having a conversation with a coworker or employee. Don't allow an email popup about "cute kittens doing funny things" interrupt your focus on your work. Schedule regular intervals to check email and voicemail so that you can stay in touch and respond appropriately but otherwise, try using the mute button.