Learning From A Tattoo Artist

While on a business trip to Las Vegas a few months ago, I was surprised to find that what used to be called "tattoo parlors" have now become quite upscale (No, I did not get one). Then when reading a recent issue of Loyalty Magazine, I found an article entitled, "Branding Secrets of a Tattoo Artist." I thought I would explore some of the factors that have brought this industry to the mainstream.

Turns out that successful tattoo artists know how to be good Ringmasters. Here are the key thoughts the writer got from her discussion with Ronnie "Mooch" Mendoza, Operations Manager of H&H Tattoos in Las Vegas.

  • Hire the right people (Performers in circus terms): Their number one consideration is how customer-focused the candidate is.
  • Provide a personalized experience (people have unique needs): They take extraordinary steps to insure that the tattoo process and actual procedure have the customer's comfort and desired vision in mind.
  • Build the brand through the customer community (get others to tell others about the standing ovation they gave you)

The most telling quote for me in the article was, They [Tattoo Artists] know that each interaction represents a 'moment of truth' that can enhance or erode their brand, heighten or undermine customer loyalty, and positively or negatively affect company revenue. How different would our days be if, as the ringmasters of our circus, we aligned every interaction, task, and thought toward accomplishment of our purpose? We might find that our days would be "marked" with more standing ovations from others AND ourselves.