Happy - What are you going to do that will make 2011 a "happy" year? What will it take? Is it a change of attitude? A change of environment or situation? What are you going to do to make 2011 happy? Because if you are not happy...what's the point? Life is meant to be happy.

New-What are you going to do "new" this year? Have you set your goals for the year yet? Maybe you have thought about some ideas. Write them down! Get serious about them. Do something new and exciting this year.

Year -January can be a year where we feel a lot of pressure to get things done. Sometimes that pressure might cause you to want to just curl up and be mediocre. Break the year down into it's parts. What will you accomplish each month, each week and then execute today? Don't get overwhelmed. Get organized and then get to it.

Happy New Year. May 2011 exceed your positive expectations and be full of standing ovations.