Go Scoop Some Poop!!!

Ever had one of those days when you wish all you had to do was scoop the poop of the elephants from the circus? Think about the virtues of the job. Very little need for mental engagement (no disrespect to those who do the job) and you never take your work home with you (well, maybe some on your boots or your work clothes.) No mental stress, no long meetings... just you, a shovel, and the smell of poop.

I have days where I would love to be a pooper scooper. I need the mental release and the physical activity. Since I don't have a circus close by I normally chop wood, pick up sticks in the yard, rake leaves, work in the garden or flower bed or any number of other things. If I am in the office I might stand up and rearrange the books in my bookcase or just take a quick walk. The requirement is that the activity can not require a large amount of mental focus. What I am actually doing in those moments is taking a "mental intermission." Today's knowledge workers need these types of intermissions more than ever. Failure to have some "poop scooping" moments just adds to the stress overload.

What's on your "poop scooping" list that helps you recharge your mental energy?