A Thanksgiving Intermission

According to a USA Today poll, 74%of Americans take Thursday and Friday off for Thanksgiving. How will you spend these two days? Sure, you will spend some time with family and relax from the pressures of work, but will you really get the most benefit from this intermission. To maximize the minimum time you have these days, consider these suggestions:

  • Finish up a work task that could occupy your mind over the break. If you can't finish the task, at least take a few minutes to create a plan to accomplish the project when you return to work. It will help your mind relax and "let go" of the task for a couple of days.

  • Plan specific activities with family members or friends. Even if it's a phone call, be proactive about scheduling it so that it doesn't get lost and you return to work thinking "I wish I had..."

  • Reflect on the people who have made this year more meaningful. What could you do for them over the holidays to show your gratitude?

  • Schedule time for yourself. Engage in that hobby you have put off. Read until you fall asleep, wake up and repeat a couple of times. Unplug from technology.

Soon, your circus will once again be moving quickly with work and planning for the holidays. Make the most of your Thanksgiving intermssion-you need it.