Stop! Enjoy!!

The holiday season is in full swing and there are plenty of additional "Acts" in your already busy circus. It is so easy to get caught up in the madness and not take pleasure in all that can be good about this time of year.

Force yourself to stop and take a break. Here are some ideas of activities that my family enjoys doing during the busy holidays:

  • Bundle up (if it is cold outside), go for a walk and look at the Christmas lights at night
  • Attend a choir or bell ringer concert
  • Turn off the TV, make some hot chocolate and sit by a fire in the fireplace and just talk
  • Pop some popcorn, gather your family and watch your favorite holiday movie. (Our favorites are "A Pocket Full of Miracles" and "White Christmas" - oldies but goodies)
  • Sit around the piano and sing
  • Read Christmas and holiday stories together
You might have to actually schedule times in your calendar to force yourself to "STOP" and "ENJOY". It is well worth it and you will find your stress level will decrease at the same time.