Enjoy the Journey

It is easy to focus on the destination and not pay attention to the journey. In fact, the journey can be perceived as a drudgery. Have you ever thought something like, "I can't wait until the kids get older." or "When I get promoted to management, things will be easier." When I get a new car, when I get a bigger house, when I have more money, when I finish school, when I accomplish this goal...pretty soon, we have wished our life away. Why not be satisfied with the here and now and enjoy the ride?

"Are we there yet?", "Are we there yet?", "Are we there yet?"... the four words that every adult is very familiar with if they have ever taken children on a long drive. As a kid, my family would take vacations that usually required a fair amount of time packed into our Buick. My Father did a lot of driving for his work and as a result he was aware of some of the best places to eat, visit, take a rest, etc. He seemed to know just the right time to make a stop, get a snack or engage us in an activity. He would even pack us individualized "treasure sacks" that had things to entertain us on the trip. He made the journey, not just the destination, fun and enjoyable.

What can you do to enjoy the journey? Maybe it is not all about the dinner but enjoying the time with others as you prepare the meal together. If you are working on a big project at work, take time to celebrate the milestones throughout the process. If you have a small child, enjoy the time rocking them to sleep or telling them stories because before you know it, they won't want you to read them a story and/or they will be off to college. Every day, multiple times each day, say to yourself, "Enjoy the journey.", "Enjoy the journey.", "Enjoy the journey."