Planning and Doing

What is more important, planning or doing? You can create a great plan but if you don't execute that plan then there isn't a lot of value to the plan. You can do a lot of "stuff" but if the stuff isn't part of a plan then typically you are getting nowhere fast. Planning and doing are equally important as you strive to accomplish what is most important to you.
But how many times do we wake up in the morning and just dive into a lot of activities without an end in mind? Do you ever sit down at work and start checking email and find out that 3 hours later you have accomplished nothing but cleaning out your inbox of junk?
On the other hand, what about the dreams, goals and projects that you have laid out and yet have found yourself afraid to take the first step. The little voice inside your head tells you that you don't have time, that you are too old, too bald or not smart enough. The plan just sits on a piece of paper or in the back of your mind gathering dust.
Create a plan, write it down and then do it! It doesn't matter whether it is a plan of what you are going to accomplish today or the plans for the business that you are going to start - begin with a plan and then get started. Planning and doing are both critical elements that go hand in hand. Plan your work and work your plan.