Giving People A Visual At ASTD

Exhibiting at the ASTD Conference in Orlando is always a fantastic opportunity to engage with our current client base and get new opportunities to share the message of Juggling Elephants. One of the most telling moments is how people identify with the phrase "juggling elephants" in so many different ways. Here are some of their initial comments when they walk up to our booth:

  • "Hey! That's my job description."
  • "That describes my life situation perfectly."
  • "My people feel like that."
  • "...And last week one of the elephants fell on me."
  • "Isn't that the new norm in the workplace?"

Pictures or visuals shared in an analogy give us the opportunity to emotionally connect to an issue or challenge in a fresh and less threatening way and then to look at possible solutions. We are thankful for the chance to help others look at their struggle of "too much to do" in a new light, and to begin making changes that will help them get more "standing ovations" in their circus.