Garbage In, Garbage Out

I took several computer programming classes in college. For me, the most frustrating thing was to carefully write a piece of code only to find that there were errors or that it wouldn't run correctly. When I would be unsuccessful on an assignment, I had one professor that would always say, "You put garbage in, you get garbage out!"

Our brain is similar to computers in this way. What are you putting into your brain on a regular basis? Are you putting in positive thoughts that motivate you? Are you reading up on the latest strategies that will help you to reach new heights in your job or profession? Are you nourishing your brain with what it needs to bring you positive success? Take a moment and consider what you are feeding your brain with. Don't get stagnant. Beware of harmful ideas or inappropriate thoughts. It was Earl Nightingale that said, "We become what we think about."

Garbage in, garbage out. Yikes!