Intermission Time?

"Dazed, confused, stressed, overwhelmed, numb, disconnected and burned out." These could describe how you are currently feeling at work or in your life and indicate that it is time for you to take an intermission. AND, it could also describe how you are feeling while you are actually taking an intermission or vacation.
Have you ever needed a vacation from your vacation? Take this into consideration as you plan your next getaway. Here are some ideas to consider:
  • Before you plan your next vacation, consider what type of vacation you need. Are you ready for an adventure and to explore new places until you drop? Or do you need a vacation that is full of relaxing, reflection and rest?
  • If you are planning on an "adventure" type of vacation, schedule in some time to relax and catch up on your sleep. Pace yourself. Your vacation will be more enjoyable if you get some rest and your recovery time will be quicker as well.
  • An intermission doesn't need to be long nor does it need to be complex. Keeping your plans "local" and "simple" can be the better vacation that you enjoy.
  • Schedule an extra day or two to unwind from a vacation at home. Take the time to get caught up on your mail, messages, laundry and plan for your return to "real life."

An intermission is an important part of your circus. Make sure you take full advantage of this time so that you will be ready for the next "Act."